DEMOSCENE is part of a larger project involving a three part story being produced as a video game and bleeding into other mediums. The video game is being worked on, and is titled ExXception Draft (see link below).On this blog I will gather materials about the phenomenon of DEMOSCENE subcultures, which is a branch of computer based art that features feats of programming and design within selected parameters to display the artists' talents in bits of visual performance or specially pre-programmed events that showcase exceptional ability to harness resources, sometimes purposefully constrained as on vintage technology formats, and these performances are known as 'Demos'

My main focus for right now is ExXception Draft but DemoScene is part of the larger story and so I'll also be post or reblogging things here as I discover and learn more about all things DEMOSCENE. And hopefully one day I'll get around to working on the graphic novel story I want to release in conjunction with my upcoming RPG 'ExXception Draft'.

ExXception Draft
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DemoScene : a Graphic Novel